Friday, September 30, 2011

What's Up?

Hey guys and gals,

So, as you can see, I'm starting to clear out the archives.  Apologies for the long wait, and if I wind up duplicating any of the old ones.  Hope you're all doin' real good.  I'm just keeping on keeping on like Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion.


Nic Cage as David Lynch

David Ressler is the strangest Eagle Scout.

Nic Cage as Hermione Granger

Daniel Featherstone aparecium.

Nic Cage as Ophiuchus

Danette Abilno is Serpsens Caput.

Nic Cage as Charles "Corky" Thacher

Collin has no problem "mainstreaming".

Nic Cage as The Bride

Chris Edgar runs the Deadly Vipers.

Nic Cage as Sad Keanu Reeves

Cat Smith just wants to eat lunch in peace.

Nic Cage as The Abyss NTI

Cat Smith possesses a non-terrestrial intelligence.

Nic Cage as Klaus Nomi

Submitted by Brent O, the New Wave Vaudevillian.

Nic Cage as Ghost Rider as Landon Donovan

Bill is a real winger.

Nic Cage as Hulk Hogan

Oh brother, Bernhard Binder.

Nic Cage as He-Man

Bernhard Binder has the power.

Nic Cage as Silver Surfer

Benny shoots the curl.

Nic Cage as Blade

Anna Willoughby invents Blade's new sidekick, Birdhair.

Nic Cage as BP Oil Spill

Anna Converse is pretty slick.

Nic Cage as Plato

Anaka and Nic's relationship is purely platonic.

Nic Cage as Captain Jack Sparrow

Alex Saint is on a mystical quest to the Isle of Tortuga.

Nic Cage as Gandalf

Alex Saint shall not pass!