Friday, January 29, 2010

Nic Cage as Alfred E. Neuman

What, Chinese Takeout worry?

Nic Cage as Lawrence Welk

Jack Sundrud stays up late to watch PBS.

Nic Cage as Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Memphis takes the investigation...into first gear.  Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Nic Cage as David

Made SFW by Chinese Takeout.  It's a family site.

Nic Cage as Lieutenant Aldo Raine

Justin Page is a basterd.

Nic Cage as General George Smith Patton, Jr.

Davy Braxton at attention.

Nic Cage as Cool Dog

Relax, Jeremy Six, Cool Dog has it under control.

Nic Cage as Dirk Nowitzki

Submitted by Carne Diablo, which sounds better than Devil Meat.

Nic Cage as Kool-Aid Man

Oh, yeaahh, Jeff Fang!

Nic Cage as Michael Jackson

Shamon, Chris Love.

Nic Cage as Joseph Barrile

King Monkey aka Joseph Barrile proves you too can be a Cage.

Nic Cage as My Buddy

Davy Braxton just reignited my most frequent childhood nightmare.

Nic Cage as Inigo Montoya

Davy Braxton is an R.U.S.

Nic Cage as Lightning McQueen

Jeff Fang considers this lesser Pixar.

Nic Cage as Tony Micelli

David Kelly changed the words of "Tiny Dancer", so now it goes, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza."

Nic Cage as Francis, Bill, and Louis

Nick Torres 4 life.

Nic Cage as Yoda

Submitted by Scott Holst it was.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nic Cage as John Waters

Bertram Sterling is the new Pope of Trash.

Nic Cage as Commander John Shepard

From Justin "Mass FX" Page.

Nic Cage as Robin Finck

Mean Bone was there.  Nine Inch Nails.  Woodstock.  '94.  Muddy.

Nic Cage as Pale Man

Me fue dado por Monty Spearmint.

Nic Cage as Steve "Woz" Wozniak

Jack Sundrud thinks iPads are what Woz had in the heels of his shoes on "Dancing with the Stars".

Nic Cage as Steve Jobs

Dylan Reeve lives in an iPad, which is sort of like the Jetsons' house.

Nic Cage as Sergeant Joseph Getraer

Hey, Jeff Dixon, stop hogging the ChiPs!

Nic Cage as Aunt Jemima

Joel Sanchez is syrupy sweet.

Nic Cage as Bernard "Barney" Fife

Nip it in the bud, King Monkey.

Nic Cage as Ludo

David Hansen smellllll baaaaaaaad.

Nic Cage as Cookie Monster

Look like David Kelly, smellllll like David Kelly, must be David Kelly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nic Cage as G.I. Joe

They're not dolls, Chinese Takeout!

Nic Cage as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po

Daniel Shealey, where's that weird baby-sun thing?

Nic Cage as Lisa

Shane Bailey gets weird.  Why don't people understand my intentions?

Nic Cage as Morla

David Hansen doesn't even care whether or not you care.

Nic Cage as Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas

Curse you, Micah Piccirilli, for making me look up the names of the Jonas Brothers.

Nic Cage as Edgar Allan Poe

Quothe John Dolceamore, forevermore.

Nic Cage as Bill O'Reilly

Dylan Reeve does it live!

Nic Cage as Frank Zappa as Sheik Yerbouti

John Dolceamore eats baby snakes.

Nic Cage as Frankenstein's Monster

Cornelius Lambshank is ALIVE!

Nic Cage as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Jack Sundrud is a beacon of peace.

Nic Cage as Bill Gates

Dylan Reeve's nickname is "Micro Soft".

Nic Cage as Bill Clinton

RJ DiBella inhaled.

Nic Cage as Dave Chappelle as Rick James

J. Dats is a superfreak.

Nic Cage as Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dub C. is numero uno.

Nic Cage as Kobe Bryant

Will Cotton doin' work.

Nic Cage as "I Like Turtles" Boy

Monty Spearmint is live and undead.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nic Cage as Joseph Ducreux

Submitted by Ty, the pimpinest portraitist since 1802.

Nic Cage as Benjamin Button

If only, Jonah Mueller.  If only.

Nic Cage as Celine Dion

Blame Canada, Jack Sundrud.

Nic Cage as Milennium Falcon

Submitted by Massimo Raso.  Watch your mouth kid, or you're gonna find yourself floating home.

Nic Cage as Nic Cage and David Letterman

Submitted by Nicholas Torres.  HeeHEEheeHEE (Letterman laugh).

Nic Cage as Lee Smith's Friend, Robyn

Not the singer.  Submitted by Lee Smith.  Thanks for being fans, the both of you.